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Man Utd: Wayne Rooney

When the football giants of Manchester meet their fans await with bated breath around the world. Each pulsating encounter ignites passion, sparks debate and delivers unforgettable glimpses of a game that’s being played at its highest level.

It was December 2012, and Roberto Mancini’s Manchester City had gone 37 home games undefeated in the Premier League. Their forward firepower featured former Red Devil Carlos Tevez. And they had tried but failed 6 months earlier to sign Robin van Persie – now playing sublimely for Sir Alex’s league leaders.

By the game’s end that failed move would be one City would sorely regret. 

Google’s Santa Tracker

The Gym

50 webisode ITV comedy series.

The Box

The man I loved was turning 70.

What to get Dad?

That first Nokia gift 10 years prior hadn’t been switched on much, and was never actually mobile. But a decade of encouragement (aka mockery) had seen progress by pay-as-you-go #3.

So in the birthday restaurant, I handed Dad his Amazon-wrapped box, containing what Which Magazine that month had called “complete connectivity in the palm of your hand” – the latest Nokia Lumia smartphone.

As he unwrapped and removed his present, Dad seemed pleased. Far more than I’d expected. Far more than my entire family had, who all sat agog around the table.

Perhaps our Dad was at last ready at 70 to embrace a new age of multimedia on the move? Would we see him Tweeting by Christmas?

This is perfect” he enthused. “This box is the perfect size to fit my electric shaver in when I go on holiday.” Yes, I’d just spent £379 on a cardboard box.



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